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The Witch S Song Halloween: Angebote, Gutscheine und Rabatt am 18 June 2019

Witch Forest

  • ASIN: B009JOX8NO

Halloween Songs (English Edition)

A rich collection of spooky and fun Halloween songs that will make trick or treating and celebrating a unique and entertaining experience for the whole family, black cat and Jack O' Lantern included.

  • ASIN: B07BJF23CM

Gravesville: Home of the Undead - Song of the Banshee (English Edition)

Ryan Ghouls and his friends are back in this brand new adventure! Bizarre things begin to happen to the monsters in town after many begin to become brainwashed once listening to the hot new band that has swept the town. Now Ryan and his friends have to stop the curse before it's too late.

  • ASIN: B07N2K21WV

Halloween Music Album Single Witch Spy Song (music songs Book 6) (English Edition)

This is a one of my songs singles. From my Halloween Music Album Single Witch Spy Song.

  • ASIN: B07JFB2GQ9

Witch Forest

  • ASIN: B009LE9PGG

Laughing Witch


Magic's Song: A Nocturne Falls Universe story (English Edition)

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, where there’s a supernatural on every corner, if you have the magic to see them.Trick Scanlon is introduced to town when a playful horse nearly drowns him. Saved by a mermaid’s song, he’s just looking for a place to catch his breath. He never expects to be so drawn to his beautiful savior.Daria Don’t-Call-Me-A-Mermaid Czernovitch has changed so much her stalker won’t ever find her. She has great friends – witches, gargoyles, and fairies – and she feels safe… until a former Army Ranger turned country music star pulls her into his spotlight.Can he find his own magic? And will his fame threaten the anonymity she values so much? They make sweet harmony together, but one sour note could ruin it all.


Flying Witches

  • ASIN: B014SRM6I4

THE PURPLE WITCH OF GREAT SWEET BLISS: A Zoltra & Freddy-Eddy Adventure (English Edition)

It is 12-year old Zoltra's first Halloween as a citizen of the seaside town called Great Sweet Bliss. With 8-year old 'townie' Freddy-Eddy at her side, they ruthlessly pillage and loot their way through the narrow moonlit streets that are awash with salt-brine and haunted by wandering fogs... There is a panther on the loose! The town is aghast with ghosts and stricken with candy-stealing specters. Black Beth, Rocky and the Zig-Zag twins challenge Zoltra and Freddy-Eddy to trick-or-treat at the tumbledown Gothic house out on Crows' Nest Crag Island...a house so old the only things holding it up are the spider webs...a hungry house...a house that isn't there... Zoltra and Freddy-Eddy made their debut in The Great Sweet Bliss Stink-Off, published online at

  • ASIN: B00K4I3IQG

Flying Witches

  • ASIN: B013J0YP76